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Where do I stand?

I believe that for too long, we as San Juan County residents haven't been included in the decision-making process. I am passionate about the issues facing our communities, and I am certain that we can reach common-sense solutions that benefit everyone when we take the time to listen and learn together. Click through my positions below to learn more, and please feel free to send me a note with your feelings on any of these subjects.

Fiscal Accountability

Our current commissioner has entangled our county in costly federal lawsuits. This and other policies have led to a shocking lack of fiscal accountability.

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Economic Stabilization and Development

This was needed even before Covid-19 hit us. San Juan County is at a turning point, and I believe that economic stabilization takes priority. Smart development can fill the gap left by businesses that have failed as well as give our current business owners new opportunities. This position of mine is very involved, so please click the Read More link to get to the heart of what I mean. (Read More)

Transparent and Open Government

San Juan County residents deserve a seat at the table, and I would give it to them by making county decisions more public and accessible. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a commissioner who actually took the time to listen to us?

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