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Fiscal Accountability

Our current commissioner led our county into costly lawsuits. But, when it was evident the county would lose, Mr. Adams did not recognize reality. He refused reasonable settlement when it was offered. This and other policies have led to a shocking lack of fiscal accountability. We desperately need to rebuild our totally depleted operating reserve funds. To do this, I will:

  • Ensure checks and balances on legal expenditures. Large, unusual expenditures require prior Commission approval in open meeting.
  • Manage county budget under the leadership of a Budget Committee, appointed by the Commission.
  • Create a multi-year plan to regain the county’s financial solvency. The plan shall be adopted by Commission in a public process.
  • Get help from financial experts to ensure the plan is viable for long term balance between county revenue and expenditures.
  • Quarterly adjustments and report to the Commission.

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