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Transparent and Open Government

San Juan County residents deserve a seat at the table, and I would give it to them by making county decisions more public and accessible. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a commissioner who actually took the time to listen to us? I will make sure this happens by maintaining the following standards:

  • County Departments should be operating legally, with strict adherence to Open and Public Meetings Act.
  • Staff and citizens serving on county boards should be trained in the legal requirements of their job annually; new hires/appointees should be trained as part of their orientation.
  • County government by the people’s elected representatives, NOT by the San Juan County staff. Subversive staff has no place in good government. Staff are professionals who provide expertise to administer the decisions of the Commission. If staff cannot do this, due to their own personal values, they should resign honorably.

Committee to Elect Monette Clark
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