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Meet Monette

My full name is Monette Tangren Clark, and I am a fourth-generation descendant of Utah pioneers (the Tangren and Loveridge families) who settled this region in the mid-1880s. I grew up in Spanish Valley just four miles from Moab, where my father owned Clair’s Body Shop.

I attended Grand County schools through 12th grade. I lived in northern Utah for a time, then moved to Denver. Although I came home frequently to visit, as you can imagine, I greatly missed this beautiful region and my family who still lived here. I was very happy when I returned home in 1998. I bought a manufactured home in Spanish Valley and have been a San Juan County resident for 15 years.

I am also uniquely positioned to be successful as your commissioner!

Throughout my life, I have become familiar with public affairs and government. Recently, I served on the San Juan County Planning and Zoning Commission from 2007 through 2011. Before I moved home, I lived for a time in metro Denver where I worked as a public affairs reporter for several weekly newspapers and covered a session of the Colorado State Legislature while working for Colorado’s Channel 9 News.

I also have invaluable experience in working with people in two sectors of our society that meet basic human needs: health care and housing. As a licensed practical nurse, I provided direct care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices. In the housing sector, I managed large apartment complexes in Denver and accounted for over $200K/month in rentals. It was my door that renters knocked on at midnight when they had an emergency, and I learned to love making myself available when people I am responsible for need help. I also worked extensively with vendors in the building trades.

I consider myself to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. I have a BA in Communications, with an emphasis in technical writing. I then started my own company, Medical Communication Resources, providing technical writing and project management for Gambro, Inc., an international medical device firm. One important project I worked on with them was collaborating with software engineers in research and development to create a new software-driven dialysis machine for kidney failure patients in ICU. I have also managed a bookstore and owned/operated a bed and breakfast in downtown Moab, so I know firsthand the needs of local business owners in our region.

Thank you for giving me a chance to represent you! Please follow my Facebook page to get to know me even more.

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